LearnWell Advances Executive, Team, and Market Leadership

P/L Leaders, including company founders, CEO • CIO • CMO • CFO • CXOs, Presidents, and division heads gain the tools and strategies from LearnWell to lead with more influence and less friction, develop teams that produce more with limited resources, and gain profitable market share, even in turbulent economies.

High Performance Leaders

Strong Leaders Set Goals, Develop Strategies, Allocate Resources to Succeed Consistently

Key aspects of your job are to:

Becoming a High Performance Leader is more than a matter of desire or frustration.

From experience coaching execs across 41 industries, we recognize success factors: Set and achieve goals that advance the business. Develop and communicate strategies that allow teams to win. Hire, identify, and support those who build strong teams. Work to position for future opportunities.

From 1 to 10 (high), how are you doing?


High Performance Teams

Excel in Process Execution, Collaborate and Communicate with Stakeholders, Cultivate Next Gen Leaders

Your Job is to:

Teams don’t gel on their own. Assembling the “best and brightest” isn’t the formula for success, even when possible.

When you take a High Performance approach, you’ll find that your teams: Develop trust in each other and the leadership. Select, recognize, and reward great performance. Create, refine, and optimize your work processesIdentify opportunities. Design experiments for improvement.


High Performance Culture

Become a place were People WANT to Contribute their Best Everyday.

High Performance Workplace Observations

Sophisticated leaders recognize that when you advance the culture of an organization you elevate all units.

When your culture is building, you can notice: Decreased resistance to change initiatives. Increased responsiveness to wider communications. Clearer connections to a larger purpose. Commitment to developing knowledge and skills Easiness in returning to a rhythm of high productivity. Greater confidence in the leadership of the organization.

Bill Ringle not only helped us transition our organization to widely use the eCollaboration tools, saving significant time and money, but he helped us a formulate longer-range vision to sustain our continuous improvement.
Richard Kinard, Global Collaboration Leader, DuPont
Bill’s contributions have helped reinforce our positioning as one of the top executive development programs worldwide, enhance our business generation systems, improve our web visibility, and have garnered important insights into market trends and customer needs.
Barbara Gydé, Senior Director, Wharton Education, Wharton Executive Education
Your involvement played a major role in the success of our program. We have received only the highest accolades…our clients, partners, and associates found great value in the insights and challenges you offered during the conference.
Amy Abrams, Telerx, a Merck subsidiary
Your presentation was extremely well-received, and your ability to integrate technology and employee benefit trends was quite impressive. It was obvious that you had prepared extensively for the meeting. We also appreciated your detailed responses to the questions raised following the formal portion of the presentation.
Craig Guiffre, Chief Marketing Officer for Institutional Group Insurance, MetLife