Build on What Works

LearnWell takes the approach of understanding an organization’s fundamental strengths and opportunities in order to advise them on how to reach and create a desired future. Sometimes we have to address a glaring weakness, inadequacy, or improperly positioned resource. However, the majority of our focus (and your success) comes from focusing on what’s working and making it work even better.

Pick a Destination

A common problem leaders bring to us involves clarifying the desired changes. When one director wants to pursue market X and another believes the greater opportunity lies in market Y, yet the company only has the resources to pursue one approach, what do you do? Our on-site Claris Process allows people to advocate strongly without attacking those who hold a different opinion and for the organization to put its full weight behind any decision made.

How Can You Tell?

Training and coaching can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. How can you evaluate you are getting good value? With both our public and private programs, we employ transformational learning techniques to achieve measurable results. As our CEO Bill Ringle says, “Learning doesn’t occur until behavior changes.”

LearnWell Unlocks the Growth Potential of Companies

For leaders ready to:

  • Attract as much business as they can handle, even in tough economic times
  • Integrate structure and systems to produce more predictable, high-quality results
  • Identify and cultivate customers/clients that are profitable and offer mutually rewarding with high potential
  • Create marketplace advantages and barriers to competition
  • Develop awareness, skills, knowledge, and relationships that accelerate business and individual growth
What’s the most practical path to growth in this economy? Why aren’t my people running with the new plan? What do we have to do differently to get the results we’re after?

You are probably asking these questions — if you aren’t, why not?

What we do:

  • For some companies, unlocking growth potential means solving pipeline issues so that you have a steady stream of prospects that can be converted to new clients and new projects.
  • For some companies, that means developing a research-driven strategy for going to a new market or introducing a new product/service.
  • For some companies, that means having systems in place that address anticipated needs of your prospects and clients and can respond to them quickly, effortlessly, and at a consistently high quality.
  • For some companies, that means helping leaders develop their potential so that they can support their teams to accomplish more and help the business be more successful.
  • For some companies, unlocking growth potential means leading teams through proven approaches and tactics to produce superior results.
  • For some companies, that means leading teams through proven approaches and tactics to perform and produce more efficiently and effectively.

Look, Listen, Learn…Your Business Depends on It

sam-43In this economy, learn to “fail fast” – in other words, define a clear outcome that you desire, design an experiment, and test it with real people. Then adapt again. It’s really important to pay attention to the results. Whether you get the desired result, an approximation, or a counter result, you can benefit from your experiment and correct course intelligently

About Us

LearnWell exists to unlock the growth potential of companies.
Our processes and methods have successfully been used in a wide variety of industries to successfully increase revenue, profitability, business development opportunities, and more importantly, the capacity of a company or company division to have a greater impact in the world.

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Benefits of LearnWell Programs

You can read about the programs LearnWell offers to help unlock the growth potential of your company.

  • Our programs provide the frequently-needed structure to enable rapid understanding and action
  • Our programs are field-tested, so you’re relying on proven methods, tools, and techniques, not just theory
  • Our programs include online tools, checklists, and accountability support to accelerate and reinforce your gains
  • Our programs involve high-level coaching to ensure limiting beliefs are dissolved and poor habit roadblocks are removed
  • Our programs are delivered by experienced business development  and leadership experts who have instant credibility with your team

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