LearnWell Advances Executive, Team, and Market Leadership

Senior managers, ranging from CEOs and founders to VPs and P/L leaders, face unique struggles and pressures to both lead their teams and favorably support their colleagues. Each move, whether a hit or a mistake, is amplified. When structures, tools, or expectations are poorly or inconsistently used, or missing altogether, influence and effectiveness are diminished. We can help each member of the senior leadership team identify the approaches and develop the skills so that you and your teams excel.
Common obstacles to effective team functioning include the lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, accountability avoidance, and poorly focused effort on results that matter. However, longer-lasting solutions that propel a team to high performance levels involve mapping the needs of the unit and the ways that each member naturally teams, so that we use each person’s strength to its full advantage. Baby boomers to Millenials want respect, opportunities to grow and develop their skill sets, and recognition for their contributions and sacrifices. The cost in ignoring the frays and tears in the relationship fabric of companies, compounded daily, is enormous. Those who do address deficiencies and leverage their human capital benefit disproportionately.
The goal of high performance marketing is to take the pressure off complicated or manipulative sales. Instead, a well-positioned product or brand attracts those who most want it to fill a need or solve a problem. With high performance marketing at work, the sales cycle is accelerated and profit margins are fortified. Have you ever gone into a Mercedes-Benz showroom or Apple Store and felt a clammy handshake while being asked, “What’s it gonna take to get you a sweet deal today?” Of course not! That’s a glimmer of the power that high performance marketing holds.